One tiny step forward

June 28, 2005 on 1:58 am | In Robo Tech |

I’ve been plugging away at this idea to replace the motors used in oribotics with SMA - Shape Memory Actuators - otherwise known as BIO METAL. It’s been about 5 days work just to relearn basic electronics (all that high school education was useful), finding parts in Akihabara, and then inventing a mechanism which could actually perform the action of folding.

Well, after so many days of pure research and scribbling on paper, the first successful experiment bore fruit. A tiny folding mechanism can be activated by the touch of a button. It’s very primitive, only unfolds, and actually doesnt work well enough for production, but at least I can see a way forward. The next steps are to improve the mechanism. When I get something worthwhile showing, I’ll make a small video and post it.

The beautiful thing is that I can see it working, and if the technique can be refined, it would make oribotics truly beautiful, and one tiny step closer to the dreams of pure oribotic paper.

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