Muscle wire on hold

June 30, 2005 on 11:54 am | In Robo Tech |

Well, I’ve exhausted the ideas I have for muscle wire right now. It can contract up to 5% of its original length, and I’ve tried multiple ways of attaching the muscle wire to a basic fold. Increasing the leverage, and it still only yields about 40 degrees of movement. This is not satisfactory. I am shifting to a more fundamental aspect of the project, which is design of the flower bots.

Though it must be noted that this avenue of exploration is very valuable, as the idea of muscle like actuation of folds is central to the future idea of pure oribotics. I hope some technology will emerge in the not too distant future to aid this aspect of the design. But for now the muscle wire exploration is on hold.

We really need muscle paper ^_^ Paper that folds you!

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