Folding Robot project

July 12, 2005 on 10:11 am | In Robo Tech |

While googling around on the subject of origami hinges, I came across this project that developed (well almost) a walking origami robot. The concept seems sound enough, but the interesting thing is their approach in using servo motors as actuators for folding. I have had similar ideas, to use tiny tiny mobile phone motors, which I soon discovered come in a minimum order of 2000 units - a few to many - and they supply to large companies. I think a smaller cylindrical motor would actually work very well. I’m keeping this for a later evolution. I’ve decided I really like the simplicity of the current system using wires to create tension. And at the moment, the thought of mounting tiny motors on each joint is a bit too daunting - not to mention the extended prototyping period required…

Anyway after that rant, here is the project.

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