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From a recent post on the Origami list, I have gathered some links to related origami/computation projects that exist on the web, in no particular order.

Josh Nimoy’s Virtual Origami

John Szinger’s Foldinator Project

Jerome Gout’s Open Source Doodle

Jun Mitani’s ORIPA

Robert Lang’s Treemaker

Robert Lang’s Origami Simulator

Robert Lang’s Reference Finder

This post has been extended by another follow up post on the topic, these particular projects deal with origami simulation solutions such as curves, thickness of paper, layers, virtual object models for display and manipulation of a virtual origami model.

Sam Hasinoff implemented a method of simulating paper thickness:
Hasinoff, S. (2000) Exploring Computational Origami with iFold

S. Miyazaki et al. cope with layers by storing relationships between paper faces:
Miyazaki, S.Y., Yasuda, T., Yokoi, S. and Toriwaki, J. I. (1996) ‘An origami playing simulator in the virtual space’, Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation, 7 (1): 25-42 Jan-Mar 1996,URL

A more sophisticated simulation copes with “half-completed creases.” S. Miyazaki et al. implemented curved and curled paper (although this doesn’t seem to feature in the source code and executables that he released). Ron Burgoon, Zoe Wood, and Eitan Grinspun recently implemented a simulation with methods similar to that used for simulating cloth. They show curved folds and folds with dihedral angles other than 180 degrees:

Burgoon, R., Wood, Z. J. and Grinspun, E. (2006) ‘Discrete Shells Origami’ in Proceedings of CATA, Seattle, WA, March 2006,

Ida, T. (n.d.) Computational Origami Project URL

Zamiatina, L.I. (1994) ‘On Computer Simulation of Origami’, Mathematica in Education, Vol. 3 No. 3, Summer 1994 URL

Miyazaki, S.Y. (2004) ‘Origami Simulation’ URL

Studio GoGoGo (1999) * How To Make “VRML Origami” * URL

Shimanuki, H., Kato, J. and Watanabe, T. (2003) ‘Recognition of folding process from origami drill books’ in Document Analysis and Recognition, 2003. Proceedings. Seventh International Conference on , (3-6 Aug. 2003) vol.1 p. 550 - 554

These urls were originally posted to the o-list, thanks to Hank Simon, and Tung Ken Lam.

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