VHB 9473

July 20, 2007 on 9:32 am | In Oribotics, Robo Tech |

VHB 9473oh boy, I just got some super sticky tape from the US. Its called VHB (Very High Bond) tape made by 3M. Varieties of this tape is so strong its used in aircraft and buildings. Kind of amazing to think that sticky tape has become one of the strongest bonding agents. Well its not just sticky tape. Anyway I wrote to 3M and they advised me that the tape I need is the VHB 9473 tape, its 0.25mm thick, and is double sided and bonds aluminium, stainless steel, and plastics together. It takes a few days for the bond to acquire full strength. I can wait to try it out. Its kind of fun to think of doing away with screws in favour of this stuff!

I searched high and low for an Australian distributor of 3M tapes, talked to guys on the phone, only to find that I have to buy cartons to get a single roll, its too specialised and no one sells it by the roll, at least the VHB 9473… So I went to the US, and found CPC, rang through an order last Saturday morning, and it arrived today, very happy. I love making art, you get to try out so much cool stuff.

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