HXT900 Servos from www.hobbyscene.com.au

March 24, 2010 on 2:58 pm | In Uncategorized |

Thanks to Sean from Hobby Scene in Australia who supplied the HXT900 servo for my current oribotics work. I highly recommend Hobby Scene as the service was quick, friendly and they had the best price, all great reasons to do business!

I’m using the servo because of it’s compact size, and high torque, speed, and lastly the price can’t be beaten. Working with other servos would cost more than 5 times as much.

Update: 20/05/2010

I did burn one HXT900 by driving it constantly for 3 days, as a stress test. The gear train is still totally intact, and I haven’t deduced the problem yet, perhaps the electronics overheated. I’ll ask Ray for a diagnosis when he arrives. At 3 days it’s over¬† 50,000 repetitions non-stop.¬† I have seen some Futaba servo’s in the same size that claim to last over 300,000 repetitions. It might be so, but I wonder if they will last non-stop. I think I can get longer life out of the HXT900 by switching them off periodically to cool down, and not driving them constantly.

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