Oribotics [AEC] interaction design

May 26, 2010 on 10:44 am | In Oribotics |

The following two diagrams explain the interaction concept that I am developing for the installation at the Ars Electronica Festival. The basic concept is “as above so below“, micro interactions with an individual flower have ripple effects out to the macro of the installation.

Intuitive interaction

Through observation over years, the most common interaction gesture, in both children and adults, is to move a hand in front of the oribots “mouth”.

Micro Interaction

Hand push opens the flower
Hand pull closes the flower
(or vice versa)

 Oribotics 2010 interaction concept

Macro effect

Interacting with one oribot affects every other bot on the network – they are interconnected.


Interconnectivity, micro and macro interactions.
Each oribot is interconnected to the entire network of oribots. Interacting with one flower causes the entire bloom of oribots to actuate.  In one flower each of the 1050 folds are actuated by the push pull action of the servo. In a whole network of oribots, one interaction will actuate tens of thousands of folds. This will create a complex moving image. Combined with the RGB lighting in each bot, the installation will be visually arresting. In a simple mathematical sense, a single (micro) interactions, causes tens of thousands (macro) effects.


 Oribotics 2010 interaction concept




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