“Oribotics is the systematic revelation of the elegant beauty found in the mechanical movement of folded forms, and offers a reflection on biomechanics.” – Matthew Gardiner

Oribotics [network] is a unique art and technology installation in development for exhibition in later 2007, drawing on cutting edge research in biology, computing, and scientific origami. Seek out Oribotics [network] and you will find robots rooted to the architecture, surviving on solar power, with their facetted folded mechanical blossoms attracting data, moving in response to the physical audience and stimuli from online users at http://www.oribotics.net.

In Oribotics [network] each robot is individually connected to the vastness of the internet, and to local mobile phone, Bluetooth and wifi networks, enabling interaction via mobile devices and the web.
Bring your laptop, PDA, or mobile phone, start up your bluetooth and wifi connections and ‘network’ with the oribots. Or point your browser to www.oribotics.net and explore the virtual world of the oribots digestion.

Oribotics [network] continues multimedia artist Matthew Gardiner’s research into the hybrid art/science field that fuses the ancient art of origami with robotic technology. Witness the results of four years development of intricately folded designs integrated with robotic mechanisms.

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